The Ceremony

The Ceremony

Rob and I were technically married in the Provo City Center Temple (see previous post), but it was really important to us that we have a more formal ceremony to celebrate our love and commitment.

Plus, you know I’m totally basic. And I wanted that traditional wedding moment: walking down the aisle, making vows, kissing in front of a crowd. The whole shebang. I wanted the dress, the procession, the promises. And I’m glad we did it because it was hands down my favorite part of the day.

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Life, Disseminated

It’s been awhile, but not a long while so this blog is still doing pretty well for itself if I do say so and I do say so because, you know, it’s not even been that long.

But it’s 2017 and I still haven’t blogged anything. Not about my engagement or the fact that I’m getting married in SIXTY days. Or how I started my new job and, you know, employment aint that bad.

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