One Year Later

One Year Later

I have been sick in bed this past week which sucks because 1) being sick is the absolute worst and 2) there is so much to catch up on. March, in spite of its bad rap and mediocre weather, was pretty great all things considered — and really ended with a cherry-on-top, once-in-a-lifetime sort of experience that took us to a little place called THE SAHARA DESERT.

brb dead.

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Who Run the World?

I love women. I’m proud to be a woman. Women have stepped up since the beginning of time and I am so happy to be here for it. And what I love most about being a woman (besides the¬†prerogative to have a little fun) is that every single woman is a little different than the next.

Revolutionary. Mind-blowing. Truly astounding. I know.

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Movie Breakdown: 2017

There are few things in this world that bring me as much joy as watching movies. I come from a movie family. I’ve always loved movies. All we did growing up was basically¬†watch movies. When my family turned out to be interested in nature and stuff, I was honestly flummoxed because I was under the impression we were strictly movie people.

But that may be just me.

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Shelby vs Hurricane Harvey

Supposedly there’s a hurricane on it’s way to ravage Houston. Which means I’m working from home (or hardly working) as the rain “threatens” to fall. We have a tub filled with water, a stack of canned beans, and I managed to grab the last box of ice cream sundae poptarts in the store yesterday.

I don’t know why I can’t take this storm seriously. Maybe it’s all those false alarms about snow storms in New York? Or the fact that everyone loves a good bout of hysteria? But I think mainly I’m resentful because we were supposed to vacation in Florida next week and now we might be rained out.

Thanks a lot, Harvey.

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101 Reasons Feminism is the Absolute Worst

101 Reasons Feminism is the Absolute Worst

I recently read an article that said women today aren’t womanly enough. It was discussing the decline of marriage, something about how since women are so into careers and independence, men are feeling a little abandoned and suddenly not needed. And if they’re not needed by women then why even bother with women?

Poor guys.

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