Boyer Family Fun

Boyer Family Fun

I had a family reunion with my fam bam this summer. It was way back in June so…this post is coming a little late, I know. But I’m excited to finally be talking about it because honestly it was so. much. fun.

As many of you know, I don’t have the highest opinion of Utah. But I am often, often suffering from a severe case of FOMO because most of my immediate family is there. And they do rad things. And I am never invited because I do not live in Utah and tbh “rad” is not totally on brand for me.

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A Familial Shout-out

Yesterday was National Parent’s Day and I totally spaced it. But it’s okay because the whole world (or nation I guess) forgot too. That’s what happens when Snapchat filters are my source on what random holiday we’re supposed to be celebrating!

But it’s never too late to do something nice, right? And I have actually been waiting for an excuse to talk about my parents because…listen…not to brag…but my parents are the shiz.

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