I had a family reunion with my fam bam this summer. It was way back in June so…this post is coming a little late, I know. But I’m excited to finally be talking about it because honestly it was so. much. fun.

As many of you know, I don’t have the highest opinion of Utah. But I am often, often suffering from a severe case of FOMO because most of my immediate family is there. And they do rad things. And I am never invited because I do not live in Utah and tbh “rad” is not totally on brand for me.

But still.

I knew I wanted to hang out with my family and I knew we were overdue for some sort of non-holiday motivated party. So I decided to throw together a little family reunion. Miraculously ~mostly~ everyone could make it. My oldest brother was just starting a new job in California so he had to bow out. (This year.)

But studies have shown it only takes three of us to create total chaos so we were still gonna have fun and make some memories dammit. So I found an easy vacation destination for everyone (Jackson, Wyoming) and we settled on a cabin that could make all eleven adults, two toddlers, and one newborn happy (with only one bunk bed to deal with) and we slapped “annual” on the invite so people would know what’s up.

And let me tell you…it was a total blast. I don’t like nature, I don’t like bugs, I don’t like hiking, I don’t know why I am this way. But I loved this trip. Turns out traveling with kids is exactly my style because I can handle about as much hiking/biking/kayaking as those babies could and I AM NOT ASHAMED.

^^ the number one reason to get together was for me to see these bbs all grown up and talking and still giving me rather judgmental glares WHICH I RESPECT4ddeb9e7-a939-4fc4-ac80-a8e4ab3b41ec^^ my mom had an electric bike that is much more my, uh,  speed (heyo!). In fact, Rob and I considered investing in one it was so nice. And we live in a place with no hills. We’re that lazy.7512927d-19b0-431d-a307-7ea88c8068e7^^ we almost missed this totally rad sunset because Justin was sure it was too late. But we hopped in the cars and drove out of the way to catch it and saw a moose too and also took about a billion photos so be lucky you’re only seeing oneccc75ac6-aed2-45ee-85f2-e350183b26f1

I adore this crazy, chaotic, wild and rad family of mine. And I absolutely loved having all of us under one roof with nowhere to go and no possible excuse to make. It’s such a treasure to me that we all get along so well, that it never feels forced or fake, that we’re down to clown and play dumb games and freeze in the pool and lose all the team building video games and hang out in the sauna and discuss the does it/doesn’t it intricacies of sweat releasing toxins. These are my favorite people and my best friends and there’s no one I would suffer in the woods with.

…at least for three days.

So because I’m extra af (and we got a gopro we need to justify having) here’s a little video I made. And to my family watching … #sorrynotsorry about the song choice. You had your chance.

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