How To: Deal with Breastfeeding

People have been talking a lot about breastfeeding. Because I am me, I had some thoughts. And because I am me and I have no filter, I felt compelled to share those thoughts with the interwebs.

You’re welcome.

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Boyer Family Fun

Boyer Family Fun

I had a family reunion with my fam bam this summer. It was way back in June so…this post is coming a little late, I know. But I’m excited to finally be talking about it because honestly it was so. much. fun.

As many of you know, I don’t have the highest opinion of Utah. But I am often, often suffering from a severe case of FOMO because most of my immediate family is there. And they do rad things. And I am never invited because I do not live in Utah and tbh “rad” is not totally on brand for me.

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