This is America

I went to a Taylor Swift concert on my birthday, and it was the best, most fun time. I was so happy to be there. But the first thing I did when I got to my seats was map out an exit in case something went wrong.

I didn’t tell my sister that. I never vocalized it. I didn’t want to be morbid and I didn’t want to make light of the situations where venues had been attacked.

But that was in my mind.

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Ruminations on Motherhood

I was asked to give a talk on Mother’s Day. Which may just be the most intimidating Sunday of all the Sundays. Luckily, we were asked to focus more on womanhood in an effort to avoid some of the pitfalls of traditional motherhood talks.

Of course, it is geared towards an LDS audience. But I thought I would share it nonetheless because it allowed me to put into words some thoughts I’ve been having on what it means to be women in this world, especially as a feminist in what could be considered a patriarchal faith.
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