Movie Breakdown: 2017

There are few things in this world that bring me as much joy as watching movies. I come from a movie family. I’ve always loved movies. All we did growing up was basically watch movies. When my family turned out to be interested in nature and stuff, I was honestly flummoxed because I was under the impression we were strictly movie people.

But that may be just me.

So when MoviePass came out — a subscription service for movie theaters where you can see one movie a day — I definitely heard about it. Originally, it was going for $35 a month and I was barely scraping by in NYC, so I passed it up. But this year, it lowered its subscription fee to a mere $10 a month.

If you’re thinking it’s too good to be true, you’re not alone. And you’re probably right. So my husband and I decided to ride this wave as long and as hard as we possibly could.

We got the MoviePass in September of last year and — while we watched movies before — we now watch movies like it’s our full-time job. Just…so many movies.

And why not, right? We’d already paid the monthly fee; now it was always a free date night, an opportunity to kill time on Saturday mornings, the promise of keeping up with all the Oscar buzz for once.

We’ve done pretty well for ourselves, if I do say so myself. And because on top of being a movie person I am also a list person, I decided to make a list of all the movies we saw in 2017. Our friends told us about their friends who actually ranked all the movies they saw in a year, so I said CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. The rule was they had to have been released in 2017 whether we made it to the theater (which we mostly did) or saw it online (hello, Netflix). And since I’ve been sick in bed all weekend, I’ve gone through the emotional trauma of trying to not just list them, but rank them all from BEST to ABSOLUTE TRASH.

It hurt, you guys.

While I can recognize that some of these are “better” movies than I may have given them credit for being, this is just a list based on my emotional attachment alone. Thus I recognize that my top ten might not be reflected in the Oscar nominations (though it should be), and I am well aware other people might disagree entirely (as you’re wont to do). So this is just my star rating based on how I as an individual liked them/loved them.

Does anyone care? Probably not. Could this possibly change? It has drastically and continuously in the last four days I’ve been working on this. But NONETHELESS. This is just a neat, little time capsule for me, proving yet again what a movie person I am.

And if you think this is going to be controversial, just wait till you see what I ranked last.


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