Look What You Made Me Do

Look What You Made Me Do

I am so done with people hating on Taylor Swift right now. I usually keep my mouth shut (at least in public) because, let’s be honest, nobody takes me seriously and everyone thinks I’m biased. But since the rest of the world thinks it’s appropriate to write think pieces on a pop song, allow me to share my two cents.

There was once a time where I didn’t even like Taylor Swift. She was too country, too twangy, and I was not into it. My adoration took root as she went more pop, so you can believe it’s fully thriving now. But there was a time where my love was more casual, even quiet. I didn’t want to be one of ~those~ fans with their twitter bios and instagram handles.  But now? I am a swiftie, tried and true. That’s what happens when you meet her.

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Shelby vs Hurricane Harvey

Supposedly there’s a hurricane on it’s way to ravage Houston. Which means I’m working from home (or hardly working) as the rain “threatens” to fall. We have a tub filled with water, a stack of canned beans, and I managed to grab the last box of ice cream sundae poptarts in the store yesterday.

I don’t know why I can’t take this storm seriously. Maybe it’s all those false alarms about snow storms in New York? Or the fact that everyone loves a good bout of hysteria? But I think mainly I’m resentful because we were supposed to vacation in Florida next week and now we might be rained out.

Thanks a lot, Harvey.

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