An origin story 

If you think this blog post hasn’t been in my drafts folders for years and years and years then you don’t know me at all. Because this is a day I have anticipated, hoped for, and prayed for; this is the day dreams come true.

I, Shelby Boyer, lover of puppy parades and follower of more canines than humans, finally got a dog.

I mean, turns out “got a dog” can be a relative term.

And maybe it wasn’t exactly an ideal time.

Some might even call it reckless.

But to them I say…look at this face!!!

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Her name is Lupe and she’s a bernedoodle (a.k.a., a bernese mountain dog/poodle mix; a.k.a. perfect in every way).

You may not know this, but doodles are the best dogs. We’re a big doodle family. They don’t shed, they have the best personalities, and they’re lanky and derpy and amazing. So when I started working on the SO, convincing him dogs are a part of my life and thus a part of his, I inundated him with cute dog pictures on instagram of all varieties. I’m, of course, partial to corgis. And golden retrievers. But they both shed and corgis are more high maintenance than a small child. So we started to lean towards doodles. And he became obsessed — obsessed, I say! — with bernedoodles.

The tri-coloring. The fluffy ears! The big paws!

What’s not to love, you know?

Answer: the price tag.

They are very expensive. And we are very poor. So it seemed like a pipe dream, something we might get in an alternate universe where we’d won the lottery and a house with a backyard. Honestly, it seemed unlikely we’d ever get a doodle (damn those trendy dogs!). But then I remembered KSL.

Houston classifieds are not great. They are, in fact, horrific for the most part. But KSL…I don’t know what it is…but it is like the motherland for great, real, non-scammy, steals of deals.

Which is why I started trolling the KSL pet classifieds.

It was my birth month, after all. Mere days after my birthday. I was riding a celebratory high and something (some might even describe it as a clear, small voice) nudged me to open up KSL and see what was happening on the puppy page.

And that’s when I saw it.

A listing for bernedoodle puppies.

It was brand new. The price was shockingly below average. And they were just south of Provo, where my little sister lives.

I emailed her immediately. I told her she had to go check them out. And she did exactly what she was not supposed to do: she listened to me.

I was sort of counting on someone to talk me down, to tell me to be reasonable, to hit pause and think this through. But she set an appointment. Rob straight up freaked out. And even my mom was like …..okayyyyy…..

Enablers, every one!

But fate had spoken. Laura went and facetimed us and we tried to be cool and smart and collected about it. But the moment we saw Lupe getting all up in Laura’s business…we were done for.

I softened my mom up with a few photos, mapped out a “logical” and “feasible” plan that “made sense” for “everyone.” So just a week or so ago, my mom picked her up from the breeder and–I have yet to meet her in person.

She’s still in Utah. My parents are currently watching her (and potty training her — heyo!) which is very kind. They’re bringing her down to us at the end of the month and we couldn’t be more excited!

(probably my mom, too. lollol)

Grandma loves it, okay?

It’s a little odd. I get that. I mean, it doesn’t quite feel real. I had to wait until she was 1) in my parent’s arms and 2) given the all-clear by the vet before I even instagrammed her. But we facetime every day and I pester my mom for daily pics and it’s funny how much we adore her and how we’re such dog people even though we don’t even technically have a dog in our place of residence. We’ve started trying to find dog friends for her. It’s a topic of conversation for literally everyone new we meet. We troll petsmart and buy nothing because she’s not here yet. Rob makes home videos of her even though the footage isn’t even our own. And I started an instragram already because of course I did.

We’re totally crazy.

But it totally worked out.

Because I have a dog and she is the cutest in all the land! #biased

Seen here standing up to Zoe who was in need of a more durable toy anyway

And, hey, if experience has taught me anything it’s that every great love story starts long distance. That’s just how I do.

For more cute pics currently not taken by me, feel free to follow her on instagram @ladoodlelupe. Everyone needs a daily dose of puppy.  


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