Still an Inconvenient Truth

Still an Inconvenient Truth

I’ve been thinking a lot about consumerism. I’ve been thinking about waste. Environmental footprints. Production. I’ve been thinking about the food we eat, the products we buy, the things we expect. In the wake of a lot of ~things~, I’ve been thinking about how we treat this world and each other and our expectation of how we should be treated in return.

I guess you could say I’ve been thinking a lot.

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An origin story 

If you think this blog post hasn’t been in my drafts folders for years and years and years then you don’t know me at all. Because this is a day I have anticipated, hoped for, and prayed for; this is the day dreams come true.

I, Shelby Boyer, lover of puppy parades and follower of more canines than humans, finally got a dog.

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