There ain’t no party like a Boyer-Polo party because a Boyer-Polo party features ALL THE THINGS!

Dancing! Donuts! Cotton Candy! Jdawgs! A photo booth that maybe sort of worked!


If I’m being honest, I almost died planning this wedding. Like…wedding planning is the worst. Just gonna say it. It was stressful thinking of all the details, trying to figure out all the logistics, planning all the things like locations and decorations when I lived a million miles away.

But it was all worth it. The wedding. The ceremony. It was so worth it.

A cliche, I know. But true. Because it turned out to be quite the party.


My dad made those donut dowels (which deserve a post of their own tbh). He built a drink trough based on something I saw on pinterest–just finagled it one day like a boss. My friends and family made muddy buddies and cookies and cotton candy. My sister wrote out all the pretty signs. My sister-in-law Abbey and her mom were total all-stars making all the rice krispies AND putting together these beautiful flowers.

It was everything I wanted. All these tiny, devilish details I’d been pulling my hair out over for months. And it all came together in one, blissful night.

It was chaotic and energetic and I was running around frazzled and dazzled because everyone wanted to talk to me and I wanted to talk to everyone and there were too many everyone’s but what a great problem to have. I lost track of Rob like 80% of the time and I didn’t eat enough (another cliche) because I was too excited and the energy in that room was kinetic and that’s happy enough for me.

The space was perfect. The crowd was perfect. The music worked out okay. People came and went but mostly stayed and the party raged.

Like, we said come ready to dance and people listened. They listened good.





Rob and I had our first dance to “Not Alone” from A Very Potter Musical. Probably no one got the reference, and our mc was yelling at people to just watch us already. But it was so happy spinning on the dance floor gushing about how perfectly everything had come together.


And that’s the truth: it was a perfect day. Even if my bangs fell out of place or the carefully curated playlist got hijacked somehow, and even though we never settled down enough to eat a hot dog and the sparklers were half gone by the time we left–it was perfect.

Like a dance.


So I guess the only thing left to say is thank you. Thank you to everyone who helped (it was a DIY wedding, so there were plenty who did). Thank you to everyone who came. Thank you to Autumn Nicole, Bitsy Bridal, Y&Y Studio, ASOS, COS, Emmmhair, and Sephora samples for making us look so good. Thank you to our families for finding sage and gray outfits, for helping set up and take down, for dancing and eating and telling us over and again how fun it all was.

I mean, of course we know it was perfect and amazing and the best wedding ever. Obviously.

But it’s still nice to hear. ❤



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