Rob and I were technically married in the Provo City Center Temple (see previous post), but it was really important to us that we have a more formal ceremony to celebrate our love and commitment.

Plus, you know I’m totally basic. And I wanted that traditional wedding moment: walking down the aisle, making vows, kissing in front of a crowd. The whole shebang. I wanted the dress, the procession, the promises. And I’m glad we did it because it was hands down my favorite part of the day.

After first looks, we came back to our swanky reception hall (The Publik Space) in a flurry trying to get everything figured out. We had this crazy idea to walk down the aisle to “This is What You Came For” by Taylor Swift Calvin Harris but we’d never done a rehearsal.

(That’s what happens when the groom flies into town, like, twelve hours before the wedding.)

So we hurried and did a couple walk-throughs and it was messy and hilarious but my absolute favorite moment, seeing everyone just happy to comply with our crazy idea. They danced down the aisle and they didn’t complain about it. And that’s real love, people.


Rob and I had worked on the ceremony script together, weaving in our history, our pop culture obsession, our English degrees. His Uncle Scott officiated with some words of advice–and totally changed rosemary forever. And then, of course, our vows.

We decided to write our own vows because I’m a sucker for sentimentality and a words-of-affection kind of gal. We gave each other a two-minute time limit but not much else by way of instruction. So it was anybody’s guess what we’d each come up with.

Spoiler alert: we killed it.

I got emotional reading mine, but when he shared his vows I couldn’t do anything but smile. I know it’s totally, disgustingly cheesy and I basically hate myself for forcing you to read this paragraph. But I just listened to every word thinking how #seriouslysoblessed I was to be there–my whole family, my closest friends all listening in, and my best friend telling me I was his forever.

So before I turn into too much of an emotional sap, here are some photos of us looking like a couple of emotional saps.



Also, I’d be remiss not to share: we wrote a poem together detailing our love and devotion and it went a little something like this.

One does not simply walk into matrimony

But if you’re here for the right reasons–

Like the reason Kim always stands by her man.

Or the reason Eleven went back to the upsidedown–

Then you know: this is the start of something new.

Just look around, look around at how lucky you are to be alive right now.

Any time you get Lost, remember…we have to go back. We have to go back!

To this moment right here, because what a day. What a lovely day!

And even when it’s not quite your tempo,

Or you feel like you very much would like to be excluded from this narrative,

Pivot. PIVOT.

Let life, uh, find a way.

Live it a quarter mile at a time

And remember, everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team.

So when she says “I Love you” say “I know.”

And when anyone asks “After all this time?” there’s only one right answer: “Always.”



I mean, right? It was beautiful and wonderful and we were in this warm bubble of nothing but beautiful and wonderful feelings. My sister-in-law gave a reading. Rob’s brother gave one, too. My friend Jamie played a song. Family has always been important to us so it was important to involve them. And it was so beyond words to have everyone there, present and accounted for, all to share in this unforgettable (if I do say so myself) event.

ShelbyRob-418ShelbyRob-414^^ Scout was not feeling this but luckily her cry face is so adorable


And if I could be so bold, I think I had the best wedding in my family if only because these babies were around to bless the event with their presence. I mean, look at them! Look at those faces! Best dressed, best walks, best everything.

So, yeah. We had all the right people and good feelings in place. And that’s when the party really started.


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