I know I said I was anxious to share more than one blog post about my wedding…but then I got these photos and I was like damn I’m never going to stop talking about this. So fair warning, these are photo-heavy posts. But google analytics tell me people like visual aids. So this might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Because we’s about to get our photos on.

First off, a major shout out to our photographer Autumn Nicole who really pulled through even though it was A) rainy B) us and C) a pretty rambunctious party in general. Any “oos” and “ahs” about to come out of your mouths are due to her.

But now just sit back. Relax. And let me show you some goodies from the best day of my life.

We got married in the Provo City Center Temple on March 25, 2017. It was perfectly sunny and warm the day before and the day after, but the day of we had nothing but grey skies and petulant clouds. Even a little snow. I was so worried it would be rainy and muddy (and it was) but the real miracle was it always, always cleared up just enough whenever we needed to go outside. And the overcast sky acted like a big ole lightbox so it was basically magic hour all day long. And you know we need all the help we can get, so #blessed.



ShelbyRob-82^^ This is literally the funniest photo ever taken of my family. And this was after the photographer told us to stand closer together. #nailedit

We were so surrounded by love and joy. It’s hard to really articulate what that felt like. But coming out of the temple into a crowd of people just there to celebrate and support–maybe it’s egotistical of me, but I absolutely basked in it.

And then of course the party moved uptown. I saved my fancy schmancy wedding dress for the ring ceremony/reception because we were keeping the temple thing small….ish. And, hey, two outfits was a perfect excuse to treat myself.

It was a bit chaotic having so many scene changes in one day. We had a small brunch with friends and waffles. Then we rushed from Provo to SLC to set up, to the hotel to get my hair done and redo my makeup, etc, etc, etc. I was running so late and my sisters and mom and I were absolutely frantic.

But since Rob had flown into town the night before that meant we hadn’t been able to do bridals in a field or on a mountaintop looking dramatic af. So we decided to make the best of the situation and do a quick first look together downtown. We had maybe thirty minutes to spare and nowhere to go so we decided to meet at the Wells Fargo Sky Bridge.

Thanks a lot, rain.

But it turned out. And I’m really glad we had that moment together. It was quiet. It was beautiful. And we were looking like at least three fire emojis.


ShelbyRob-124^^ This may be one my favorite photos ever taken. Rob hates it. I don’t know why.

ShelbyRob-158^^ Hair by @emmmhair and she was a total gem to do it because, like I said, we were totally frantic and crazy and probably annoying af trying to get ready in time.

And in the best plot twist since that one in Arrival, there was a rooftop parking garage we could access. So you know we worked that.



ShelbyRob-160^^ Let it be known that he was trying to pull this face and I think it’s hilarious the photographer tried to salvage it with some b&w.

But really. Is no one else obsessed? Just me? Kay.ShelbyRob-225

And while we’re on emoji rankings, this next picture is like seven laughing-crying faces. ShelbyRob-229(He’s like trying to absorb me. We are so awkward. I can’t stop laughing.)

Honestly, we haven’t stopped looking at these photos. We are so awkward and hilarious and pretty pretty too. But if you think this is it….you would be wrong. Because we have a whole day to share and this is just the beginning of it.

Stay tuned.


One thought on “The Wedding

  1. I also am obsessed with your wedding photos! I’m looking at them with a giant smile that screams at least 9 hearts – for – eyes emojis!
    Aunt Missy (Ask Rob who the f I am!)


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