I’m in limbo right now waiting to talk about my wedding and how practically-perfect-in-every-way it was but also waiting for my wedding photos to come in because obviously but also because even I know no one is going to want two wedding posts.

So I’m frozen, trapped by social moires and my own quaking insecurities. Do you want to hear about my wedding or do you not? Would you want to see my photos–the photos I stay up at night panicked they won’t turn out well–or could you in fact not care less? When faced with a marriage of the two, would you be more likely to read an illustrated guide to my wedding…or read a summary and then come back for a photo follow up?

These are, as they say, the things that make me go hmm.

But the good news is I got married. And what’s more, I have this intrinsically self-indulgent blog where I can pretend that all the people out there care about my going ons. So for now, as I wait 4-6 weeks for the photographer to come through (all fingers and toes crossed on this one), I’ll just gush about my life so far.

So far…we’ve been married two weeks. Well, two weeks and three days–but who’s counting? (Me. I am.) We went to San Diego and ate sushi burritos and they were v good. 10/10 would recommend. Our hotel upgraded us to a california king bed and it totally ruined our queen bed forever. We got sunburned and gained back all that pre-wedding weight on carne asada fries and donuts. So many donuts. Oh, and we moved in together. Settled together. Figured out space and storage options together. I only went a little crazy about his need for a metal drawer, but we figured that one out too.

And now we have a house and a home and let me tell you, people aren’t lying about this honeymoon phase. It’s all that plus a bag of chips.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
psa we are not looking to get into the home decor game, okay?
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
it’s just a work in progress, okay?

It’s nice to come home and know we can stay home. He doesn’t have to map out getting from work to his apartment, coming to hang out with me, getting back to his place to do laundry. There is no worrying about utilizing a limited amount of time together in the most optimal way.

Now we can just veg!


(But honestly.)

(Hence the TV.)

But it’s been so great settling in together. We got a couch from somewhere that wasn’t Ikea. A coffee table. Throw pillows. We even have a gallery of frames on our wall. I mean, a half-finished gallery. But it’s a start!

we’re still waiting on those photos, remember?

And can I just say I’m glad I got married a little later in life? I mean, I know I’m not old. And I’m honestly still pretty young to be married according to the public at large. But I think even three, five years ago I would have been tempted to blow gift money on activities or clothes or quirky decor. But now I’ve spent seven years away from an actual home and I know what it is to miss nice knives, to grow tired of hand mixing cookie dough, to wonder at the beautiful storage solutions in more settled adult houses.

Is there really a difference between nice knives and Ikea knives? Does an expensive pan set work any better than the knockoff from Amazon? Is Khloe Kardashian really onto something with her tupperware-heavy pantry?

The answer to all of these and more is yes.

So when we got married we knew there were things we wanted. Boring, adult things I once thought were overpriced and unnecessary. Boring, adult things meant to last decades.

We are such losers.

But I love it. I love having a salad spinner and a food processor and making dinner with a husband kind enough to do the dishes most nights before we sit on a couch (never the floor ever again!) and watch LOTR — extended edition only.

Somehow, someway, in two weeks and three days, my apartment has suddenly become a home. And even as we figure out where on earth to fit our latest appliance (there is nowhere left) or if we really need to keep the Nerve poster (yes) or if the Taylor Swift/Kanye pillow belongs out front (definitely) and how to make a coffee table look nice (i definitely dk), it’s nice and easy and comfortable having my best friend as my live-in partner to help figure it out.

Cheesy, I know.

But we’re in the honeymoon phase! We’re allowed to be gross like that! So just give me this one post to be sentimental af, okay?

I mean, maybe two. Since I still have to blog about my wedding, you know? If I ever get those pictures back….

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