Another one bites the dust

I was once told that the best thing I could ever do is to just enjoy each phase of my life. To relish every chapter. It’s great advice that I’m just…not so great at keeping. A lot of my life has been spent forward-thinking stuck in a lot of phases I just couldn’t wait to be done with.

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Ladies, leave yo man at home

Ladies, leave yo man at home

Gosh, I love International Women’s Day. As far as totally made up, mostly uncelebrated holidays go, this is my favorite. Right next to Donut Day and National Puppy Day. But as with puppies and donuts, Women’s Day is my favorite because more people should freaking  better appreciate what it is to be a woman! Shout it from the rooftops, ladies, because we deserve to be celebrated for merely agreeing to exist in this world because holy hell did we draw the short stick.

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