Life, Disseminated

It’s been awhile, but not a long while so this blog is still doing pretty well for itself if I do say so and I do say so because, you know, it’s not even been that long.

But it’s 2017 and I still haven’t blogged anything. Not about my engagement or the fact that I’m getting married in SIXTY days. Or how I started my new job and, you know, employment aint that bad.

I didn’t write about going back to New York and seeing all my friends and not seeing any of the city because really what’s cool about looking at buildings when you can just snuggle all day with the ones you love?

I should have blogged about going through the temple for the first time, just me and a few friends in Manhattan, but I didn’t.

I forgot to mention how refreshing Hidden Figures was or — wait for it — how overrated I think La La Land is. But if I had felt like blogging about it I would have asked anyone ANYONE to quote a line or a song from that movie that isn’t …city of staaaaahs are you shining just for meeeeee… because no one can. because it’s forgettable, okay? ARRIVAL IS A BETTER MOVIE PEOPLE!

But I didn’t blog about that. So we’re fine.

I didn’t even find the time to blog about Christmas break and planning a wedding and finding a venue and a dress. Not even about seeing my nieces and becoming a baby person, even though that’s practically a miracle and they’re honestly the cutest tiny humans on earth and I have enough pictures to prove it but I won’t do it here. Yet.

I haven’t updated anyone on Houston or the amazing Thai place we went to or how I think people should visit me already because even though I don’t have a couch, I have a table–and this amazing Thai place I can take you to.

I didn’t mention that I got a table.

And of course I left out the whole having friends thing even though they make me #seriouslysoblessed. New friends, old friends; friends to have slurpees with, friends to talk about birth control with.

I definitely forgot to mention that trip to the gynecologist. (out of sight out of mind out of sight out of mind…)

There was a new game we played and actually bought even though it cost actual money. But if I felt like blogging about it, I would mention it’s called King of Tokyo and you get to play a monster so what’s not to love?

I didn’t blog about how great 2016 was and how I kept about 10% of my resolutions which is pretty good considering that 10% included going to the gym four times a week and also watching twelve documentaries. Because I’m #cultured.

And I didn’t take the time to write up my new new years resolutions which is probably a good thing since they’re pretty impossible. But you wouldn’t know that because I didn’t tell you I actually told myself I would only watch four hours of netflix a week or how that didn’t even last a week because I got sick and so I had to binge watch all of season three of The Office because how else was I going to get better?

Hell, I didn’t even blog about how terrifying January 20th was and is even though there’s more than a tirade at the ready in my heart of hearts. I could have blogged about all sorts of ~feelings~: from Matt Walsh talking about the women’s march to the documentary 12th and Delaware I just watched and highly recommend for anyone trying to tell me it’s appropriate for anyone to legislate my body, my choice.

So, yeah, I avoided blogging about a lot of feelings.

And yet. For all that, 2017 is promising to be pretty good. Already, it has been pretty spectacular. We’re barely a month in and it’s been simply chock-full of wonderfully bloggable things.

Not that you’d know.

So I guess this post is to say you’ll just have to take my word for it.


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