Let’s be honest: 2016 has been a total crapfest. Just ask Harambe. But, like Kylie Jenner predicted, this has also been the year of realizing stuff. All sorts of stuff. But mostly, as the year has come and almost (finally) gone, I’ve realized…I’m actually oh so grateful…

Grateful to live in a place where it’s still 70 degrees outside.

Grateful for all the corgis I follow on Instagram who make stories worth it with their thanksgiving costumes.

Grateful that one day I too can own a dog.

Grateful that I can remember what Instagram once was instead of what it’s now become.

But grateful too that my average amount of “likes” has increased because that was getting embarrassing.

Grateful for my good health and for an empty gym where no one judges me and my five-pound weights.

Grateful for friends who still love me from afar and friends here willing to give me a chance.

Grateful for family who haven’t forgotten me altogether even though I live far, far away.

Grateful for a gospel that emphasizes love over fear.

Grateful for my own adult sized bed, my own apartment, my own laundry machine.

Grateful for all the time I’ve had to sleep in because I’ll definitely miss that when I start my job.

And I’m grateful to finally land a job–a good job, a real job–that means I can still go home for Christmas and have more tacos too.

Grateful for tacos.

Grateful for the life I’m carving out here (turkey reference).

Grateful for a boy who asked me to marry him.

And I’m grateful for March 25, 2017 when I can make good on my answer.

peace and love, y’all

Happy thanksgiving and all that. I hope, like Kylie, we can all realize stuff and that hopefully at least some of that stuff can make us feel #seriouslysoblessed.

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