My name is Shelby Boyer and I love dogs.

While this might be a slight understatement, the sentiment is and forever will be true. Unfortunately, I don’t have a dog (yet.) so I get my fix by 1) stalking strangers with dogs through the Upper West Side and having conversations with said dogs that make their owners smile and my friends mock me, or 2) stalking strangers with dogs on instagram.

I did the math today (which wasn’t hard because it was literally just counting) and of the 158 people I follow, 70 of them are actually dogs. As in…almost half.

I would say I wish I was joking but I don’t because, hello, dogs. But the better part of this revelation is that of those 70 accounts, 44 of them are corgis.

I’m not even joking.

It’s gotten to the point where every single recommended account on instagram is simply corgis. Is this concerning? Maybe to some people. Do I mind it? Not one bit. I mean, have you ever seen a corgi?

@corgiton_abbey @Madmax_fluffyroad @ralphthecorgi

These dogs are fully living right now and thus they give life. Like, if you’re not following them you should. They are stars and I wish they were my best friends (no offense to my best friends). If I ever saw one of these dogs, I would probably straight up cry. If I were to design a “Sword and the Stone” sort of challenge for someone to prove their loyalty to me, it would definitely be to get me a date with @ralphthecorgi. Which I imagine is difficult because he (and his brother George) are straight up bosses. If I ever got a corgi this cute, I’d know I’d finally made it. #goals #dream #please

Honestly, every time I see a corgi I turn into a melty nine year old squealing over their first crush. In fact, I cannot not squeal. Ask my friends, ask my family, ask my boyfriend who I once made turn around because I saw someone walking a couple corgis in the other direction. They are dummy little angels with stupid little stumps and fluffy little rumps and the goofiest little faces and the sweetest little loafs. They are a little evil and a little hilarious and a little hyper and a little lazy.

Basically, they are my spirit animal.

So they’re my favorite. When I googled “What does your favorite dog breed say about you?” this was the answer for corgis.

For those who love Corgis, you are fun-loving, aren’t one to miss a meal, and at times you can be a bit stubborn–but hey, only when you know you’re right about something. People enjoy being around you–because you’re the life of the party!

Emphasis added. Also, I came across this article too if you’re looking for something to read.

But the point is I plan on having at least one corgi (read: two for sure) at some point in my life. I already have the name (read: names) picked out. I even have an instagram handle reserved. And that’s a fact.

But if this rambly post hasn’t convinced you to fall in love with corgis, I can definitely start tagging you in corgi accounts (trust me, it’ll work) or you can just watch this video…which is where it all started for me. Either way, in advance: you’re welcome.


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