So yesterday I turned 25. A lot of people thought it was Friday because that’s when my friends threw me a surprise party. A lot of people thought it was Saturday because I wore a birthday sash and made people sing to me. But Facebook let almost everyone know it was Sunday. Which probably means absolutely everyone is sick of hearing about it.  #sorrynotsorry

But indulge me for a minute more because it’s a pretty important year. Twenty-five. It always sounded so old, so formal. Like one of those far off numbers that you never actually think you’ll reach.

When I was 18 I had to write a letter to my future self (for the ripe old age of 21) and you can be absolutely sure I never thought this is where I’d be at 25. Luckily for me, then, 18-year-old me was pretty unimaginative. Because it’s been a pretty good year.

Taylor Swift and Marky Mark. Fourth of July and Halloween. Connecticut and Italy. Visitors and visiting. There was a move, the boyfriend, new babies, snowstorms, holidays, dance parties, travels and food. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses (what year is?) but it was still pretty amazing. And it was capped off by a birthday not even I could have engineered better. And usually I try.

I don’t know why I care about birthdays so much. I love marking the passage of time. I like seeing how things change, how things grow. And, hey, I love a good party. Plus who doesn’t like the #MEMEME of it all? But it seems like the older you get the less they matter. And I’m coming to terms with that (lol not really). So I was kind of expecting this birthday, seminal though it is, to be pretty low-key. But that was dumb to think. Because–#humblebrag–I have some pretty amazing people in my life.

Kate, Nat: you’re the real MVPs. I felt so loved and celebrated and happy and I’m so grateful. THT4LIFE. And to everyone who came to my party, or sang me happy birthday, or wished me a good one in person or online; to my family who gave me an epic music video I’ll never forget; to Rob for that waffle maker and Laura for that book and Just, Cait, and Ash for those shoes someone else is enjoying; to Kate, Nat, and Rory for pulling off the only surprise party I’ve ever actually fallen for; to the cakes and cookies and candles that allowed me to make multiple birthday wishes for good weather on Saturday; to everyone in the world who didn’t go to Six Flags so we could basically have the park to ourselves; to crockpots and cinnamon rolls and nutella for their important appearances; and to me for making that call almost three years ago to go ahead and move to New York sans friends–thank you for making my life so colorful and my birthday so memorable. With such a kickoff of a weekend, I think it’s safe to say…25 is going to be a great year.

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