It’s a week late, I know. But I read somewhere that if you want to keep something relevant, you need to keep talking about it at sporadic, unexpected times. So consider this my self-indulgent plug (just par for the course on this blog).

But last week the sun finally came out and that meant something amazing had to happen. Now, I’m not trying to be dramatic when I say the last few months have been brutal weather-wise. I spent many a’ chilly evening wondering what the hell was so great about New York anyways. I mean, it was April and I was wearing a coat. A COAT I SAY! This is unforgivable.

But New York, the vindictive child she is, finally wrapped up her seasonal temper tantrum and, realizing she’s been a raging winter ice queen, decided to throw some sunshine my way to get back in my good graces.

It worked.

Friday, April 22, was one of the first beautiful days in this year of 2016. And some which way my friends and I decided that we should spend it in Times Square. Because we’re sadists. And then I was like “Well, we should make a music video!” But I don’t want to take all the credit; this was definitely inspiration from a higher power. Because what happened next was pure magic.

After going to Sephora to give ourselves makeovers (as one must) we headed into the warm evening air to the glitz and glamor (and garbage) of Times Square. Turns out, it was right around the anniversary of our first Times Square Bonanza where we acted like tourists in a master class of dramatic irony.

Freshman vs Senior year, am I right?

But this year we were older, wiser, and more driven. We took on our project with a gusto befitting drunk teenagers. But we did it all sober af. And just who were the players to pull off such a feat? I’m glad you asked.

Kate Sullivan, Anna Kendrick lookalike and general director of photography.Kate

Natalie Sorensen, enthusiastic leader with a focused eye for the camera.Nat

Brian Carey, acteur extraordinaire (who prolly spent most of the night privately wondering what he’d gotten himself into.)Brian

Shelby Boyer, hyperactive corgi in human form thirsty for fame and fortune.Shelby

Together we pretty much rocked Times Square, having more fun than all the haters combined to come up with the energy, the focus, and the enthusiasm to capture a scene–nay, a spirit. I stayed up till four a.m. crafting the video because sleep is for sissies. And because I could not even. It came together so seamlessly like lipsynching angels were guiding my hands. And then we couldn’t stop laughing. And we couldn’t stop watching. And we couldn’t stop thanking our lucky stars that we were this cool.

This was a night for the books. A day that will live in famy. For this is the day we created…this. You’re welcome, world. It’s been waiting for you.

Some things worth noting:

  • That lady just came up and kissed Brian on the cheek. I don’t know why, but God put her in our path.
  • Don’t hail cabs you don’t plan on actually getting in.
  • The dance party at the end was brought about by the three white people deciding to shimmy before the crew took over to show us all how it’s done.
  • The woman who gets pissed at Kate on the crosswalk? Whoever you are, we love you.
  • Special thanks to the tourist shop that let us try on all their super ~kewl~ clothes. You’re welcome for the plug.
  • Hello Kitty is real progressive.
  • If you want to see attractive cops–of which there are few–go to Times Square. They put the pretty ones up front.
  • Winking is hard.
  • New York really is its own character.

So there you have it. Watch it again if you like. And again! I know I have. Because moments man. We really let this night…find us.

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