To Blog or Not to Blog

I’m like really into writing. But I’m also a little bit scatterbrained. So blogging is hard. Because I live in the moment, man! I can’t kowtow to societies demands for blog quotas and search engine optimization, man! I forget…I lose interest…I think the whole world loses interest…and I stop.

It’s a lazy cycle.

But I want to start again. One, because I’m a narcissist who really believes everyone must want to hear what she has to say. And two, because it kind of keeps me sane. Right now, I stay sane by scribbling ideas for books, blogs, stories. My notes app and my journal app are overrun with ideas. And I thought enough is enough. Stop talking to yourself, self, and start spewing forth unfiltered into the universe.

It’s what every good millennial does anyways.

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