The Kavanaugh Hearing

The Kavanaugh Hearing

I have felt really hollow this week.

Listening to the discourse on Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh has affected me in ways I didn’t really anticipate. I feel at my wits end. And not even a year into this administration, I am starting to feel hopeless. Truly, tiringly hopeless. And I’m exhausted.

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A little over a year ago, Houston was hit with a very serious hurricane and a very intense flood. We weren’t harmed too much but we were stuck in the house for a week. And somehow, someway we wound up watching a lot of food documentaries on Netflix.

There was one that was basically like “plant-based diets cure diabetes.” It was hyperbolic and obviously biased but, for whatever reason, we were really motivated to try it. So in between handfuls of gummy worms and fruit roll-ups (all technically vegan I’ll have you know), we decided to try our hand at veganism and eat a strictly plant-based diet for a week.

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Boyer Family Fun

Boyer Family Fun

I had a family reunion with my fam bam this summer. It was way back in June so…this post is coming a little late, I know. But I’m excited to finally be talking about it because honestly it was so. much. fun.

As many of you know, I don’t have the highest opinion of Utah. But I am often, often suffering from a severe case of FOMO because most of my immediate family is there. And they do rad things. And I am never invited because I do not live in Utah and tbh “rad” is not totally on brand for me.

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This is America

I went to a Taylor Swift concert on my birthday, and it was the best, most fun time. I was so happy to be there. But the first thing I did when I got to my seats was map out an exit in case something went wrong.

I didn’t tell my sister that. I never vocalized it. I didn’t want to be morbid and I didn’t want to make light of the situations where venues had been attacked.

But that was in my mind.

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Ruminations on Motherhood

I was asked to give a talk on Mother’s Day. Which may just be the most intimidating Sunday of all the Sundays. Luckily, we were asked to focus more on womanhood in an effort to avoid some of the pitfalls of traditional motherhood talks.

Of course, it is geared towards an LDS audience. But I thought I would share it nonetheless because it allowed me to put into words some thoughts I’ve been having on what it means to be women in this world, especially as a feminist in what could be considered a patriarchal faith.
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Toxic Masculinity and the Gender Politics of ‘A Quiet Place’

Toxic Masculinity and the Gender Politics of ‘A Quiet Place’

I am sure we have all heard of A Quiet Place at this point.┬áThe truth is I didn’t really like it. Not as much as everyone else seems to have. It was mostly an okay movie with a lot of gaping holes made even more wobbly by the blind praise it’s been given.

To be honest, parts of the movie didn’t sit well with me. But then other parts really stuck out. And maybe that disparity alone made the English major start flexing and I started to think about what I wanted the movie to be about — since people were insisting it was about something. So this is my reading of A Quiet Place as a feminist desperate to like A Quiet Place.

(Please note that SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW. You have been warned.)

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